Monday, May 23, 2011

"The Only Thing Constant In Life Is Change"

Quick update without wasting too much time: Car is stocked to the top with all of my belongings once again. Further motivation gained through the experience of working a part time job that stimulates only through human interaction of customers and co-workers rather than the daily procedures and learned and daily operating tasks. Working a job that lacks consistent mental stimulation has helped me to let go of my ego. Lessons learned in regards to my procrastination of looking for a savior who will magically help create the vision of my company. With new gained insight, the cord has been cut to the waiting game. It is up to me, there aren't any excuses for stalling the growth of CreateACTivity and funding the facial reconstructions of children living with the effects of NOMA. As thankful as I am for the offers to help from individuals, important lessons have been absorbed and integrated after placing my faith into the hands of others to the overall productivity of CreateACTivity. With or without a website, the business will move forward. With or without solidified branding, with or without an office, with or without interns, with or with out increased funding, the business will move forward ... all because of some random vision that my crazy head has lead me to believe will work.

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