Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time Flies and Firefly's

It's been a fast paced couple of weeks. Last time I wrote I was in contemplation. This time, as I write, I    almost forget what it is like to have the time to think thoughts long enough to be able to contemplate them. A lot has happened within the past couple of weeks.  Let me update you:

First, thank you to those who contacted me after my last blog post. To be honest, I didn't think that anyone actually read this thing. After the last post, a few donations were made to CreateACTivity helping me to keep the passion alive. Also, email streams were created from friends to me and from friends to friends of friends suggesting fundraising opportunities for the months to come. Although it scares me to know that I am putting myself out there and more people are reading my random thoughts and updates, I am very thankful for the positive responses and will use it to push forward.

What else? My amazing grandmother turned 88 years old last week. A woman of service and sacrifice, a pure saint and huge inspiration. At the age of 88, my grandmother takes care of my 63 year old uncle that can't walk by himself, eat by himself, shower by himself, is legally blind and can say three words due to a severe case of Cerebral Palsy. But despite the things he can not do, the energy that fills the room when he is in it is unexplainable. Having the opportunity to spend time with them last week was such an inspiring gift.

A change in my already busy schedule occurred this week as well.  In attempt to make my already full schedule even more full, I have decided to help out another non-profit in my "spare" time. In any other situation, I believe I would have said "No" in adding another responsibility (not associated with CreateACTivity) to my plate. However, by working with this particular non profit, I will have the ability to learn from extremely talented, well rounded, and highly educated individuals (Harvard, Yale, and Brown graduates, as well as a successful consultant to fortune 500 companies). For this reason, and that I believe in the cause, I have decided to assist in the initial  set up and infrastructure developement of another non profit organization besides my own. Starting a non-profit is a lot different then starting a for profit company, and starting a company is different then running a sales force. There is a lot to be learned, and I will take up and soak in every opportunity that I get. 

Enjoying the freedom to take off when I want to, and not being locked into a job that doesn't allow me the freedom to live life, this past weekend I took the opportunity to visit a friend in Texas. I spent the weekend enjoying the simple pleasures of the open air, an open book, rivers and lakes, walks in the evening, and iced tea on the porch. With gratitude, I also accomplished a few "firsts" : This past Friday I saw firefly's for the first time, and Monday I took my first dance class (intermediate ballet) and loved it. (For the past 5 days I have also started a morning work out routine, which is has been causing soreness in all the right places. It is invigorating to feel the increased energy, see the more toned muscles, and reap the benefits of the mind clarity exercise provides.) Coming back from a relaxing weekend, I have been welcomed home with multiple phone calls and over one hundred emails... but once again am energized and ready to hit the ground running. 

All My Best, 


Thursday, April 14, 2011

With every up, there comes a DOWN

Yesterday I was on the top of a hill, today I seem to be swimming in mucky waters. Financial stress surrounds me. A part time job pays the little bills I have, however, when those bills do not include a place to live, it is difficult to not feel like a burden on your friends and loved ones. Searching for ways to be able to afford a place to rest your head at night is stressful when 80%-90% of your time is invested in an activity that does not currently provide a return on investment (other than emotional gratification). But with every down hill slope, there is always an opportunity to climb back up. No complaints, just needed to shine the light of reality on the situation. It is easy to share the positive advancements, and the adventures, but often times difficult for me to want to write when feeling a bit down. These days however, a shift has occurred in my outlook when I enter a lower vibrational state, I am able to transition my outlook faster than ever before. After all, poor me; I sleep in small living quarters, and can't afford a place to recharge ... I still have food in my belly and all the luxury's one needs to attain a happy and healthy life. When I think of the kids with NOMA, I become grounded again. I will however, take this opportunity to ask for help. As CreateACTivity continues to grow and income staggers a little above minimum wage at a part time job, I am open to almost any an all fundraising opportunities to help out with our operating costs. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to throw a fundraiser, want to donate directly, or have any ideas on how to make quick money to help feed the belly of this mission to grow the non profit.

Looking Upward,


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Second To Catch My Breath

I've been horrible at keeping my promise to write regularly. Truth is, I haven't had much time to catch my breath.  Since the last update, a lot has happened. First, CreateACTivity officially had it's first event, a collaboration with an art gallery in Santa Monica. Second, we have officially found a benefactor that is going to help us set up an official website.   And third, we have a potential collaboration with a film department at a creditable junior college located in Orange County (once the collaboration is solidified a bit more, I will release more information through our website.)   Without a doubt, the advancements have been incredible. Watching the creation of a company come from nothing but hope and intention, is quite miraculous.

The collaboration with the art gallery was extremely successful. We had a really great turn out, contacts were gained, and most importantly more people have been informed about our cause. I have posted a few photos of the event below,  for more details you can visit the CreateACTity website at:

Although all of the advancements with the business have been great, I needed a little time to escape and get back into the elements to clear my mind, rest, and put my mental state back in a place that allows for me to keep going. To remedy this, I took a trip to Mammoth for the weekend. There is nothing like nature to stabilize the mind and re-charge the battery. The more that I work for little to no income and sacrifice the luxury of a bed and room/space of my own (the income I currently earn goes towards: food, gas, minimal bills needed to continue on the mission, and operational costs of CreateACTivity) to create a sustainable non profit, time away to regroup and recharge has become a necessity. Without it, it is easy to feel crowded by the world around me, overwhelmed with follow up work, and attain a state of mind that lacks creativity. Just thought I would give a fair warning to anyone looking to take on a similar mission. Refreshed and energized from the weekend, I am ready to get back to work... and am putting the intention out there to be a little more consistent with my blog updates.