Thursday, April 14, 2011

With every up, there comes a DOWN

Yesterday I was on the top of a hill, today I seem to be swimming in mucky waters. Financial stress surrounds me. A part time job pays the little bills I have, however, when those bills do not include a place to live, it is difficult to not feel like a burden on your friends and loved ones. Searching for ways to be able to afford a place to rest your head at night is stressful when 80%-90% of your time is invested in an activity that does not currently provide a return on investment (other than emotional gratification). But with every down hill slope, there is always an opportunity to climb back up. No complaints, just needed to shine the light of reality on the situation. It is easy to share the positive advancements, and the adventures, but often times difficult for me to want to write when feeling a bit down. These days however, a shift has occurred in my outlook when I enter a lower vibrational state, I am able to transition my outlook faster than ever before. After all, poor me; I sleep in small living quarters, and can't afford a place to recharge ... I still have food in my belly and all the luxury's one needs to attain a happy and healthy life. When I think of the kids with NOMA, I become grounded again. I will however, take this opportunity to ask for help. As CreateACTivity continues to grow and income staggers a little above minimum wage at a part time job, I am open to almost any an all fundraising opportunities to help out with our operating costs. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to throw a fundraiser, want to donate directly, or have any ideas on how to make quick money to help feed the belly of this mission to grow the non profit.

Looking Upward,


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