Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Specs..

Oh yea! I got new specs! I can see a lot clearer now, in more ways than with just my eyes ;)

The Ups and Downs


Back again, still working towards keeping my promise to document my story. Through the last few weeks it is apparent that I am embracing the ups and the downs of this process. It is amazing to watch something be created from nothing, and at times I feel there is not much worth documenting during the moments when I seem to be stuck in the trenches. The highs and lows of creating your own business and feeling successful in the "non-profit" arena come quick and close between. At times I feel unstoppable and on top of the world, then the following day can knock me right back down into humble town.

To shed some light on the successes of the last few weeks, I would like to share with you a few sentences focused on the progressions that have been made since last time I wrote. About a week ago I sent out an email to my contact base asking for help in funding the operation costs for the start up costs of a current CreateACTivity project. The project focuses on asking for-profit companies within the skin care and beauty industries to give back a portion of sales towards helping fund the facial reconstructions of Noma victims in return for cause-marketing and advertisement opportunities. Much to my surprise, very few of my close friends and family responded to the email. However, I did receive emails from two skin care companies interested in and willing to commit to giving back a portion of sales to help those less fortunate. This is a huge progression in launching CreateACTivity's project, and proves that our concept will work on a larger scale. On a personal level, I learned to count more on my personal contacts over people who I have met once or twice, that promise a lot and deliver very little.

Now feeling gratitude and a surge of creative energy when reflecting on the latest progressions, I do admit that I was in a small depression-like state over the last several days. It seems with putting forward so much energy into something you truly believe in, it is easy to get attached to the state of euphoria that happens when watching your manifestations come to reality. Adversely, because that state of euphoria creates such a vibrational high, it can often be emotionally challenging during the dry spells when the proof of advancements are camouflaged by the day to day work that it takes to create the events that cause those high vibrational euphoric states. For lack of a better analogy, put simply, it is like having a child and watching that child grow and go off to kindergarten for the first time. The time seems to go so fast that you hardly notice how much that child has changed and grown. The first day of kindergarten is bittersweet in that you are proud of your child for their progression, but the absence of the child can cause low emotional states.

Although the downs can often times be a struggle to push through, the ups make the process well worth the challenge and I would not trade what I am learning mentally and spiritually for anything. To be quite honest, the process is almost addicting. One thing that has helped me to push through the troughs has been the ability to share the process with a like minded female social entrepreneur that can relate to the process. With lack of a business partner, I am lucky that I am able to share experiences with a friend of mine that was introduced to me about a year ago at an event for charity. I've found comfort and motivation in having someone to converse the day to day triumphs and tribulations.  Although we have very different business models and business concepts, the struggles and actions towards progressions are very much the same. After realizing the similarities and noticing that we have a plethora of stored information to share with each other to help one another along this sometimes lonely journey, this friend of mine and I meet regularly to exchange information and help each other find outlets to creating solutions to business challenges. And even when there doesn't seem to be a solution, it helps to have an open ear to someone who can relate and understand the ups and the downs.

Looking forward to more frequent high vibrational euphoric states of progress, and sending a quick thanks to the universe that I am on the right path. Currently, I write this from a local Los Angeles coffee shop, where I just befriended a barista, who's boyfriend is a lawyer that specializes in drafting contracts and is highly educated in non-profit law. Over the past two months I have been looking for a lawyer that would be willing to help draft contracts for CreateACTivity to work with for-profit businesses that wish to donate a portion of sales. Thankful for the validation, and excited to take one more step forward on the directionless road to help provide sustainable solutions for individuals living without the basic essentials needed to survive.

All My Best,