Friday, January 28, 2011

Where Do I Start....

To be quite honest, I am not much in the mood to blog today, but feel it is essential I continue to fill the commitment I made a few posts ago. It is beautiful outside today, and I'm going to be a bit selfish and keep this short so I can go enjoy the outdoors. To say the least, so much has happened, is happening. I can't seem to write as fast as thoughts come to my head. Last time I left you with a "Not So Perfect Speaking Opportunity," only to welcome you with an introduction of gaining my first international speaking opportunity. As of yesterday, my topic was accepted for the Medical Tourism Congress in Costa Rica. In reading the letter of acceptance, I was pleased to hear that the board in charge of putting the conference together has a non profit organization that is launching a project during the conference that will help to provide medical assistance to individuals who cannot afford medical treatment. After reviewing my presentation from the Los Angeles conference, I was asked if it would be of interest to tailor my presentation in a manner that will help the introduction/launch of this new project.

To further the excitement, I am pleased that individuals from all areas of the creative business world have been contacting CreateACTivty to offer their services at minimal to no cost to help us grow. Because of these amazingly generous individuals, we will be able to grow visually in graphic design, create contracts to protect us in future collaborations with for profit companies, create a more professional presents via internet, and most important gain funding to keep us focused towards our mission. For this, I am so thankful and very much look forward to watching the growth of our current projects.

Personally a lot has happened as well. I have watched myself jump on the train of old belief patterns (thankfully quick enough to make a conscious choice to get off and choose a different destination).
I've realized insecurities and discovered hidden confidence.  I've faced old fears and brought on some new ones... but ready to explore and defeat each and every one of them. Including, but not limited to "fear of cameras," as seen below.