Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Little Inspiration From My Father

Thanksgiving now past, and having a few spare moments to reflect on all of the things I am thankful for within this past year and in my life, I write this blog post with gratitude for my number one support system, my Father. Called my dad up tonight to let him know which couch, and in what city, I am sleeping in for the night, and with a boast of laughter he asked me if I have been writing "this all" down. I informed him I have here and there, and he encouraged me to write more often because "people are going to want to read it" and I "need to write a book for people to share the experience." He shared with me that he loves listening to my stories so that he can learn how to do it himself. So with gratitude to my father, I am picking up where I left off.

Last time I wrote, I had just spoke at the International Medical Tourism Congress in Los Angeles. Since then, the communal living situation that I had joined last November has came to an end. One of the girls I lived with took off to bike across the Middle East with dreams of a destination in Nepal, the other roommate took  on a month exploration in Brazil and plans to return home for a bit of couch surfing til' she books a flight to Europe, and as for the lovely and kind mother and daughter duo... well, they needed some alone time, free of late night entrances, broken appliances, and vanishing honey and peanut butter jars. As for me, I just checked out a place for rent with a chicken coop in the back yard, looking at a sailboat for rent tomorrow, and at one point I stayed in six different cities in six days without considering myself "out of town."

On a the business side of things, since the Los Angeles International Medical Tourism Congress, I have been asked to speak in Singapore and Costa Rica this upcoming year, as well as, being considered to deliver my information and presentation to the marketing department at University of Las Vegas and an unannounced college in Florida. I have started a new project for CreateACTivity (the non profit I started in November) and look forward to bridging my love for the skin care industry together to with a great cause that provides facial reconstructions to people suffering from the effects of Noma.

As far as adventures, I am not sure I have that much to share other than a random trip to NYC to see the Big Apple for the first time with a close friend and sister from another life. Had the pleasure of taking a stroll though central park, seeing my first Broadway play, meeting up with a friend for a stroll along the "Skyline", and hopping on the subways just to see where I'd end up.

Thanksgiving now past, I have a lot to be thankful for. For this post and updates to come, "Thank you" to my father for believing in my desire to help the lives of others, and supporting my altered vision of success... single father of two, incredible artist, rarely serious, always sarcastic, embarrassingly sarcastic, dear friend... you are an inspiration.